Polyprepylene PP FDY Spinning Machine

Polyprepylene PP FDY Spinning Machine
  • Introduce:
  •   The polypropylene PP FDY spinning machine mainly used for 300 to 1500D polypropylene yarns with standard or high tenacity.
  • Application Area:
  •   Woven bags, fishing nets, curtain cloth, sofa fabric and other industries.
  • Main Technical Parameters:
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Denier Scope: 300 to 1500 Den
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Number Of Spinning Tows: 2, 4, 6, 8
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Distance of Spinning: 1200 - 2000 mm
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Dia. of Screw Extruder: Φ65 - Φ120 mm
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Drafter Roller: Φ190×330 mm Or Φ180×280 mm
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Drafter Area: 3
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Process Speed: 1500 - 2800 m/min
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Package Size: Φ400×200 mm (Φ360×250 mm)
  •   Polypropylene PP FDY Spinning Machine Winder: A435 Or A635 Or A835
  • Main Specifications:
    Description 1 Site 2 Sites 3 Sites 4 Sites
    Dia. of Extruder Ø65/30 Ø90/30 Ø105/30 Ø120/30
    Drafter Rollers 4 couples 8 Sets 8 couples 16 Sets 12 couples 24 Sets 16 couples 32 Sets
    No. of Spinning Tows 6 12 18 24
    Capacity/day 1.72t/d 3.44t/d 5.16t/d 6.88t/d
  • Note: The tenacity of PP FDY yarns can be up to over 7g/d.
  •   1. Screw Extruder
  •   2. PP Melt Filter
  •   3. Spinning Beam and Components: spinneret 128 × 88 mm
  •   4. Metering Pump and Driven
  •   5. Side Blowing Device and Corridor
  •   6. Oil Device and Recycling System
  •   7. Drafter
  •   8. Winder - JHW A635, JHW A835
  •   9. Cooling System
  •   10. Electronic Control System: Screw Extruder Cabinet, Spinning Control Cabinet, Drafter Control Cabinet, SAMCO AND YASKAWA Inverter, MITSUBISHI PLC, RKC Temperature Controller (Japan)
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